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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 1, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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meeting just wrapped up. pg&e faces tough questions. plus, what measurements say about spring runoff and the state water supply. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is tuesday, march 1. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. the san francisco school board met in emergency session to discuss hundreds of teacher layoffs. jana katsuyama is live in the city. >> reporter: gasia, i just stepped out of the meeting and it was 6-1 in favor of the
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layoffs. this will cover everyone from k- 12 teachers, administrators, and paraprofessional teacher aides. a students learned about cooperation, parents worried about the district's budget not adding up. >> i am angry, disappointed. i am frustrated and worried. >> reporter: severe cut/to your already forced families to pay out-of-pocket for school supplies and music classes -- flashier already forced families to be in a pocket. >> are parents are already contributing 10% of the budget. >> the school board called a special session to discuss the possibility of layoffs including 139 administrative
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positions, 100 a teacher aides, 140 teachers, and preschool early development teachers. >> they are going after 30 development teachers. >> reporter: san francisco and other districts are in limbo as the governor will look at a school ballot initiative. if that measure fails, san francisco's school superintendent says they will be forced to go through with the layoffs. >> we have to plan for cutting approximately $20 million out of our budget after just pretty much your $113 million out of our budget. >> reporter: with that march 15 deadline, they will likely have to leave their teachers and staff a limbo as to whether they will have a job next year. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. this has other bay area school districts racing for possible layoffs. the oakland school district expects to spend hundreds of notices and san mateo is
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considering 80 notices. the san rafael a school board voted to issue 40 notices -- a school board voted to issue 40 notices for teachers. kamala harris is asking the court of appeals to allow same- sex couples to marry. harris said in her view supporters of the ban on gay marriage are likely to win their appeal of a ruling that ballot prop 8 unconstitutional. they said the state should not permit such discrimination to continue and update supporters say she is trying to sabotage the people's vote. barry bonds has entered a not guilty plea. he faces four counts of false testimony and prosecutors say bonds lied when he said he did
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not knowingly used steroids be his lawyer says his client is eager including his name. his former trainer, greg anderson, has served more than a year for declining to testify in the case. on capitol hill lawmakers have their first opportunity to question pg&e about the san bruno pipeline blast beat karol hahn reports on day one of three days of hearings. >> reporter: reaction about pg&e's policy not to quit many gas pipelines with remote shutoff valves. they said the most damage from
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the rupture usually occurs in the first 30 seconds for his proof was evidence provided by the oil and gas pipeline industry. >> it is absolutely outrageous. you have a responsibility to the public not to the industry. >> reporter: when asked whether an automatic shutoff valve would have reduced the 1.5 hours it took pg&e to turn off the gas, the engineer admitted that an automatic valve would have closed in 15 minutes. >> to shut off the valves, yes, we could shut off the valves sooner. >> reporter: pg&e said even if automatic shutoff valves have been installed, there is no proof what kind of difference it would have made but the companies is reconsidering its prior position and plans to install safety valves as part of a pilot program this summer. >> clearly something went
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wrong. we are reevaluating the program. >> reporter: pgd's faulty records showed the pipeline was one seamless pipe instead of sections and tomorrow san bruno will take center stage. carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of families have their homes destroyed in the fire but one family is one of two that have filed for a streamlined no redtape building permits. 12 more homes are in the design phase and expect more applications soon. for more coverage including a link to live updates, click the tab on our homepage at new at 7:00, the patterson woman whose 4-year-old son was kidnapped in january has now given birth to a baby girl. >> she told her how much she
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loved her. good things. the only trouble i will have is i will have to tell her. >> she delivered the baby five days ago. the baby's father is josi rodriguez, he kidnapped juliani and drove his car into a canal, killing both of them. now to berkeley where police say there has been an incident involving a gun at a school in the third time in more than two months. the student was arrested for bringing a loaded handgun to the classroom. >> we were trying to be as discreet as we could. there was not any kind of indication that there was anything going on. >> the berkeley school tells us that there were two other incidents in which guns were found just last month. vallejo police are trying to trace a two cookies laced
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with marijuana that made for fifth-graders stick. they told authorities that they shared a cookie from a package similar to this one here. one of the students got the cookies for free while on his way to school and they say a regular customer ( -- a regular customer ( left them the cookies. the companies deny any wrongdoing involving dumping and other polluters may face lawsuits. training began for 30 police officers. mayor jean quan credits the officers along with neighborhood alert grooves with helping oakland achieve a four year reduction in crime and
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funding was approved by city voters. walnut creek police have released surveillance video of a man. investigators say a man with a matching description committed a similar robbery the following day and hit a 711 in concord he is described as being 5-foot 7 inches with a goatee. detectives say the robbery appears carefully planned. >> they forced employees into the backroom and tied them up and made off with the
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circuitry. >> unigen makes computer memory cards and the chp is assisting the investigation value the stolen goods at $2 million. san francisco's reducible transportation agency approved paying passengers an additional $1 million in claims from a light rail crash. they have paid out $155,000 to the passengers injured in the july 2009 crash between two light rail trains at the station. with high winds, a reminder to keep an eye on larger trees during the winter season when the ground is saturated. a large oak tree fell on a house in martinez today. they say they are not sure exactly what took down the tree. it is estimated to be more than 200 years old but the owner says the tree has been leaning towards the house for a long
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time. the house suffered minimal damage. imagine walking out of your door and having a homeless encampment nearby. see what the latest no survey is saying about water rationing. after a pleasant day we are saying goodbye to that fair weather. i am giving you a live look at san jose sitting at 52 degrees. grey skies followed by rain and wind. i will show you why, coming up.
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adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night.
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>> is san francisco sidewalks gave way under the weight of a 25,000-pound cherry picker today. it left a large hole in the
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sidewalk. workers were setting up a cherry pick or two washed windows at the banana republic store when the sidewalk caved in. the city engineer says the sidewalk was not designed to support so much weight and they will cover the whole until the sidewalk is fixed. a new tax on medical marijuana is now in effect in san jose. it is on top of the states 9.25% sales tax and went into effect this morning. marijuana providers can attend a seminar on how to handle the tax next sunday. homeless encampment are upsetting many residents especially in one neighborhood where people are putting their names on a petition demanding action. as maureen naylor reports homes are a few feet from the home less. >> reporter: you do not notice it at first but -- >> there is garbage and shopping carts and all kinds of
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things. >> reporter: this homeless again it is typed -- and can made is tucked between dozens of homes. >> it does worry me that there is something like that so close to my house. >> reporter: he says in the past year the cabinet has been more than an eyesore. >> late at night screaming and hollering. there are shelters and so on. i wish that they could perhaps be served at the shelters. >> reporter: shelters say the problem is there are 7000 people homeless in santa clara county and they're only 1000 beds countywide. >> this is not an isolated incident. >> reporter: efforts are underway to encourage the homeless to seek separate housing but little else can be done. >> if they are not violating anything or committing any type of crime we cannot really do anything. he can let them know that we
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have these type of resources available to them. >> reporter: the city housing department says it has been getting more complaints since last july when two police officers were pulled from their homeless liaison duty. new funding will come here to bring a nonprofit to help the homeless and some said we do not want help. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the united nations voted to suspend libya from the human rights council for systematic violations of human rights. moammar gadhafi says the convoy carrying food and medical supplies is seen by some as a publicity stunt to show that he is still in control. the price of oil and the prices they libya had worried investors. to date ben bernanke responded. >> the increases we have seen
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so far are obviously a problem. they do not yet pose a significant risk to the recovery or the maintenance of the overall stable inflation. >> the chairman told the senate banking committee that he does not expect oil prices near $100 a barrel to last. on wall street today, bringing key's comments did not seem to reassure the market. -- his comments did not seem to reassure the market. ktvu got a sneak peek at the new target store that will open its doors tomorrow in the east bay. the property is on 40th street. oakland officials generate it could -- think that it could generate as much as $65,000 a year in sales taxes. a measure to keep the federal government up and
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running has passed. it includes $4 billion of the $61 billion in cuts that the gop is seeking. the senate is expected to approve the two-week extension by thursday. the latest snow pack sample in this year as took place today as ken pritchett reports water officials say it is showing a bit of a surprise. >> reporter: how much water will run off in spring, it is too early to tell. but if the snow survey of the season is any gauge. >> it will put us in pretty good shape hydrological he. >> reporter: this man is says this test is well above normal. where he is testing, the snow is 8 feet deep. the water content of the snowpack is 128% of normal for
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march 1st in northern california, days after a dry january and early february. >> once it started to rain and snow, many of the snow centers picked up upwards of 10 inches of snow water content. >> reporter: the data will help operators to plan how much to store for the spring and summer and with a la niƱa weather pattern the upbeat outlook is a surprise. >> generally it is an indicator of a relatively dry northern sierra. that certainly has not materialized. >> reporter: even with ample snowmelt and full reservoirs, state water deliveries this year may be restricted again due to restrictions and lawsuits on pumping water from the california delta. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a dozen dogs from the animal shelter are in new york city. 12 to all was and their handlers let san francisco at 4:30 a.m. the brain is in high demand in
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new york so virgin america gave away airline tickets to them. marine mammal experts want to get the word out about seal pups alone on the beach. the mothers are usually in the ocean looking for food and a people or dogs get too close, it may scare the mother away for good. craving some breakfast at dinnertime? there is a deal happening right now. details on a slapped jack's spectacular. more wet, windy weather is making its way to the area. meteorolgist rosemary orozco is tracking where it will be the strongest. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at
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>> crews are getting this boat ready for his next assignment. it's a -- it arrived by
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freighter on wednesday and planned to put the vessel on public display. meteorolgist rosemary orozco is here talking about something we should be seen by bedtime. >> the rain is on its way. the breeze right now, not too bad. 12 miles per hour in and around san francisco. there it is, 35 miles off the coastline could we have got rained on the way. the heaviest rain is expected to fall in the overnight hours. make sure your windshield wipers are working. at the satellite view, there it is, that storm and bringing with it subtropical moisture. an inch to 2 inches of rain is what we will see. there it is, light rain and the north bay is likely to see most of this rain.
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very widespread and when the front moves through the winds will be out there as well. wednesday morning, still coming down and there is the leading edge trying out the scattered showers. the winds also are going to pick up. by 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, here we are with wings 29 miles per hour in oakland. tomorrow morning could be a bit greasy which means the high profile vehicles could have some trouble -- bit breezy which means the high-profile vehicles could have some trouble with winds gusting to 45 and 50 miles per hour. the heaviest rainfall is overnight and the strongest winds overnight into tomorrow morning. overnight lows, not too bad. we will be sitting in the 50s.
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as snow levels will remain high, the wind and remain will feel pretty cool. we will have scattered showers in the forecast for thursday as well. friday evening into the first half of saturday looks the best and by saturday into sunday there's another shot at rain. there's still some time to order up free flapjacks. it returned diners are being asked to make a donation to the children's -- in return, diners are being asked to make a donation to the children's medical network. ihop hopes to raise more than $2 million across the country and is pancake a giveaway. that is a report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues at and with our 10:00
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news at on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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